Ray ban RB4171 Grey Mirror Erika Velvet Black Velvet Black Black

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replica Raybans Erika Velvet

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Frame Color:Black-Velvet-Black-Black

Frame Material:Nylon

Ray-Ban Erika Velvet sunglasses are one of Ray-Ban’s most unique and fashion-forward sunglasses yet. Featuring pilot lenses and frames as soft as velvet – literally – Erika Velvet sunglasses are the perfect must-have accessory to complete any trend-setting look. These sunglasses are completely unique with frames embellished in soft, cutting-edge velvet material. Wear Erika Velvet RB4171 sunglasses in bold velvet color finishes such as bright red, violet, yellow, blue and black. Become noticed with an irresistible look with these one of a kind Erika Velvet sunglasses that take modern fashion to a whole new level.


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