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Buy Ray Ban Aviator RB3026 Large Metal II 62-14 Sunglasses

Ray Ban RB3026 Aviator model is a true classic in the world of sunglasses design and has enjoyed the popularity that has been handed down since its introduction in 1937 for the first time. The RB 3026 model is a perfect choice for those with bigger heads, which is known to be a bit perfect for classic aviator glasses. In addition, it provides UV Category 3 protection and protects the eyes from the harmful effects of sun’s ultraviolet radiation. These glasses with black metal frames and classic green lenses also have a 140 mm temple, a 14 mm bridge and a 62 mm large lens.

In 1952, Robert Stegeman designed the model “Ray Ban Weifaire”. At that time, Ray-Ban belonged to the company “Bausch Rom”. Ray-Ban Wayfarer was the initial innovation, the first time plastic was used for the frame. At that time, only the thin metal frame like the Ray-Ban Aviator pilot sunglasses was a hip. Two small metal applications and Ray Ban lettering on the temple and the shape of the trapezoid are awakening. In the movie “Breakfast at Tiffanys” (1961), Ray – Ban Wayfarer definitely brought bacon to the house! In the 1970s, Ray-Ban’s sunglasses were almost forgotten.In the 1980’s, Labor Wayfarer raised a boom and left the market in the 1990s. Sins 2007 Ray – Ban Wayfarer realized the boom again, now it is the world ‘s best selling sunglasses!

Ray Ban AVIATOR LARGE METAL II – RB3026 L2821 62-14 – Metal Black – Green Classic G – 15 Ray Ban Aviator Ray Ban Aviator Razor Metal II sunglasses inspired by the classic are new editions of the Aviator family. Ray-Ban Large Metal II sunglasses made with a slightly larger frame are designed to fit larger face shapes. Aviator Large Metal II RB3026 sunglasses features a slightly soft tear drop crystal pilot lens shape while maintaining the same thin profile and structure as the predecessor of the aviator.Because the RB3026 model adopts a slightly larger frame, classic aviator glasses are perfect for a person with a bigger head. In addition, it provides UV Category 3 protection and protects the eyes from the harmful effects of sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

Ray Ban Aviator is number one of pilot sunglasses. In the 50s, Ray van aviator was trained by the US navy pilot. In Tom Cruise, “Charlie Angels”, “Pearl Harbor” movie “Top Gun”, Ray van aviator became a cult status. Also, Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses has become a cult state as well. RayBan Wayfarer was designed in the 50’s and today is conveying the classic retro look. Ray – Ban Wayfarer ‘s claim to fame is its use in the temple. Ray Ban Wayfarer was also seen in movies such as “Breakfast at Tiffanys” and “Miami Vice”.

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